Show Cursor Highlighting in Camtasia Studio 8

It was a struggle, but I’m finally up and running with Camtasia Studio 8, and the yellow cursor highlighting is working again. What a pain that was to figure out!

Yellow cursor highlighting in Camtasia 8

Yellow cursor highlighting in Camtasia 8

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Preparing for a Home Office Power Outage

There was a big storm in Mississauga last night, and the weather channel predicted heavy rain, lightning, and “toonie-sized hail”. If you’re not familiar with Canadian currency, a toonie is our $2 coin, and about the same diameter as a golf ball.

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Volume Icon Missing in System Tray

Usually the Volume icon is sitting in my laptop’s System Tray, and I use it several times a day, to turn the sound up or down. But occasionally it disappears – usually after an update or after installing some software.


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Mailing List Backup

You back up your computer files regularly, and if you have a mailing list, make sure to back that up too.

I use Aweber for my mailing list, and every Sunday I download my lists. That gives me a backup of all the names and email addresses, and it’s also a great way to analyze all that data.

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Google Knows Everything

First thing this morning, I opened Firefox, and my home page ( was showing a Doodle with birthday cakes.

What a coincidence, I thought. Some famous person must share my birthday. So, I pointed to the image, to see whose name was in the popup description.

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Running on UPS Backup Power

Do you have a backup power supply in your office? I’ve had backup power for several years, and it has saved me from losing work a few times.

The power went out first thing this morning, and my newest UPS kicked in right away. It’s an APC XS-1500 and has been running fine for a couple of years, since an older UPS died. Amazon says that model is discontinued now, but there are similar models available.

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Clearing the Word Bookshelves

Do you have shelves that are full of outdated computer books, or is it just me?

I’m finally getting rid of some of the oldest, and dustiest books, like the Microsoft Word guides that you can see in the picture below.

It’s been years since any of them were opened (thank goodness!), and they’re about 5 pounds each, so it will certainly lighten the bookshelves when they’re gone.

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Don’t Waste Money on Your Email List

Yes, I’m frugal, and hate wasting money, whether it’s a personal expense, or something for my business. So I was annoyed when I ended up paying extra for my AWeber mailing list service. Don’t get me wrong – there is great value in having an email list service, but don’t waste money on your email list!

Maybe this article will help you avoid that mistake, and a few others that I made in getting my mailing list started.

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Hide Date Picker Calendar in Access Form

I’ve been working on a client’s database, in Microsoft Access 2010, and one of the data entry forms has several fields for dates and times.

There’s a nice Date Picker feature that shows a calendar icon, if you click in a date field text box. Click that icon, and a popup calendar appears, so you can select a date, instead of typing it.


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Save Your Feedly Feeds

There have been problems with Feedly this week – the site has been up and down, due to a DDoS attack.

I’m glad they’re not giving in to the ransom demands, but I miss being able to check the news stories and blog updates, throughout the day.

Save Your Feeds

If you use Feedly too, you might want to download your RSS feeds list, the next time you’re in there. That way, if you have to move to a different service, you won’t have to start from scratch.

I couldn’t remember the last time that I did that, so I saved mine today. Here are the steps, using Firefox in Windows 8:

At the bottom of the Feedly window, click the three dot button, and click Organize


At the bottom of the Organize page, click the Save as OPML link.


On the OPML page, click the green button, to download your file.


Save the file – I added the date to the file name.

Then, you’ll be able to import that OPML file in a new service, if the problems continue at Feedly.


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