Access Expression On Click Error for Form Button

I use a couple of Access databases to run my business, and things usually go smoothly. Recently though, an error appeared when I clicked a button on the Main Menu form. The button was supposed to open a data entry form, and had worked perfectly for years. This time though, the other form didn’t open, and an Access Expression On Click Error appeared.

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Fun at MVP Canada Day 2017

Yesterday, I went to the MVP Community Connection 2017 event at Microsoft Canada. It’s certainly in a convenient location – about a 5 minute drive from my house!

There are about 200 MVPs in Canada, and it looked like about 100 people at the event. They opened up the walls between three adjacent meeting rooms, and we were able to clearly see the presentations on the screen in each section.

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Links in Outlook Email Not Working

You probably get lots of email messages, and a good portion of those have links in them. Maybe a co-worker wants you to look at an online article, or a client sends you a link to check.

I get lots of emails like that, so it was alarming to get this message in Outlook recently, when I clicked a link.

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Name That Office Gadget

In my Excel newsletter last week, I posted the picture below. These are 8 gadgets that I found in the drawers and shelves and other dark corners of my office, while decluttering it.

Do you recognize any or all of them? Some might be easy, but I had to do an online search for office gadget number 5, because I couldn’t remember what it was! And even with Google’s help, it was hard to find.

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Make It Easy to Read

Happy New Year, and best wishes for a prosperous 2017! And, to get things off to a good start, I’ll post a short, New-Year’s-related rant about accessibility – please make your products/articles easy to read.

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Reminder Excel Course Closing

Did you watch the 3 free data cleansing videos from John and Oz? If you want to learn more, don’t miss your chance to sign up for their full course — Ultimate Excel Power Query & Data Cleansing Online Course. Registration closes tomorrow, Friday, September 30th, at 6:59 PM (EDT).

To help you decide if the course is right for you, my review, and course details, are below.

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