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Excel Versions Survey Results

Thanks for answering the 3-question survey that I posted last week, about which Excel versions you’re using. I’ve compiled the results, so you can see what people are using. Is it close to what you expected?

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Installing Excel on New Laptop

Do you like to get a new computer, even though it means a few hours of setting things up? I’m still setting up my new laptop, and experimenting with Excel 2016. There’s lots to do! And there’s a very short … Continue reading

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Excel Web Survey vs Google Form

Which number formats are most popular in pivot tables? I have my guess, but wanted to see what other people thought. So, I decided to create a survey in SkyDrive, using the new survey builder feature. Well, it’s new to … Continue reading

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Pivot Tables and Productivity

My favourite tweet in yesterday’s Excel Twitter collection was this one: I feel like I know JUST enough about pivot tables to make all of my tasks 30 times harder #Excel #productivity #tcot Does that ever happen to you? Maybe … Continue reading

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Problems with Windows Live Writer Videos

Do you use Windows Live Writer (WLW) to write and upload blog posts? I’ve been using it for a few years, and it’s an efficient way to manage multiple blogs. You can open WLW, select a blog name from a … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days With Multiplan

While rooting through my office supply closet today, I found several boxes of floppy disks. Some were unused, and other had programs or data on them. Do you have a supply of disks too? Ever use them? None of my … Continue reading

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Posting From an iPad

Last week I bought an iPad 2 and have been busy experimenting with it. There are plenty of games, and social apps, which are very entertaining. Now I am trying to find some practical uses for the iPad, so it’s … Continue reading

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Format VBA Code Examples in Blog Post

On the Contextures blog, Gregory suggested using the WordPress plugin, CodeColorer, for formatting the Excel VBA code examples. In Twitter, Dick Kusleika said that he’s using CodeColorer too, and it works well. I decided to test the plug-in here, before … Continue reading

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Testing the Office Live Excel Embedding

Today I read that you can now embed Excel files into your blog, by using Office Live. After I figured out how to log in to my account (it’s been a while), I created an Excel file to test here. … Continue reading

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How NOT to Offer a Blog Guest Post

Some of the blogging expert sites suggest that you write guest posts on popular blogs, to get a bit of publicity for your own blog. Today I got an email from someone who offered to supply a guest post for … Continue reading

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