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Windows 10 Bored with Your Background

One advantage of working from home is that there aren’t too many interruptions. Just turn off the phone, shut down the email, and focus on getting things done. Last week though, while I was working on an Excel file, a … Continue reading

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Better Microsoft Outlook Searches

Is it easy for you to find an old email in Microsoft Outlook? I always click in the Instant Search box, type a word or two, and hope for the best. That doesn’t always work too well  Fortunately, Alex B … Continue reading

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YouTube Not Eligible for Monetization Problem

On my Contextures YouTube channel, I’ve posted almost 500 Excel videos, since starting way back in 2008. There’s a bit of advertising revenue from the videos, and I usually just check the grand total each month, and put that amount … Continue reading

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Access Query Date Criteria Examples

On my Contextures website, the focus in on Excel tips and tutorials. Behind the scenes, I use Microsoft Access too, for time tracking, website statistics and a few other key tasks. This week, I wanted to find files that hadn’t … Continue reading

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SamCart or E-junkie for Digital Product Sales

Last week I signed up for a trial subscription to SamCart, to see how it worked for digital product sales. I’ve been happy with E-junkie, but SamCart had a few shiny features that looked appealing. Things got off to a … Continue reading

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Can You Give Yourself a Vacation?

When you work for somebody else, you get vacation time every year. It’s nice to have lazy time away from the office, and think about something other than work for a while. But, when you work for yourself, do you … Continue reading

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