Name That Office Gadget

In my Excel newsletter last week, I posted the picture below. These are 8 gadgets that I found in the drawers and shelves and other dark corners of my office, while decluttering it.

Do you recognize any or all of them? Some might be easy, but I had to do an online search for office gadget number 5, because I couldn’t remember what it was! And even with Google’s help, it was hard to find.

The Big Picture

Here’s the photo from my newsletter, with all the numbered gadgets. I’ve put close up shots below, and then the answers, below that.

name that office gadget

Close Up Shots

Gadget #1 is in two pieces, and has a name – The Gizmo.

Gadget #2 has a name that ends with “roller”.

Gadget #3 has pieces that fan out, and there is a suction cup on the bottom.

Gadget #4 has a top that is attached with elastic bands, and it has my name on it, so it must be good!

Gadget #5 has the brand name Fiskars on it, and a round white bar – no sharp edges.

Gadget #6 has an MVP logo, and a reflection of my iPhone. It has two jobs to do.

Gadget #7 should look familiar, if you’ve been using computers for a long time. But it does something different from its original purpose.

Gadget #8 is just a jazzed up version of an office basic supply. I love the hair!

What’s the Office Gadget?

So, with all of those clues, were you able to guess all 8 gadgets?

Here’s the office gadget list:

  1. CD Labeller
  2. Coffee Cup Unroller (it unrolls the rim, to see if you won a prize at Tim Hortons)
  3. Solar Charger
  4. Business Card Case
  5. Scissor Sharpener
  6. Bottle Opener With Flash Drive (insert drink and drive warning here)
  7. Calculator in a Floppy Disk Case
  8. Fancy Pen

What was your score?






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    Hello Debra, the links are broken.

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