Bad Design and a Workaround

Imagine building an Excel workbook for a client, and explaining that they’ll have to stand on a chair and type with their toes, to enter the data. I’m sure that conversation wouldn’t end well.

But that’s how I feel every morning, when pouring water into the PC Coffee maker that I bought at the local grocery chain – Real Canadian Superstore. The water tank opening is so small that I need to use a funnel to avoid a flood. It’s tough enough to function at 8:00 AM, and even harder when you haven’t had your coffee yet!

With my luck, this coffee maker will last another ten years, so I’d better keep that filter handy. If I’m going to do Excel programming, I need my coffee!



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2 Responses to Bad Design and a Workaround

  1. Ken Puls says:

    My thoughts are that the client would probably find a new developer. Maybe… just maybe… you should think about getting a new coffee maker? You could always make yourself feel good by giving this one away to charity. 🙂

    • Debra Dalgleish says:

      Thanks Ken, I probably should give in and get a different one. At least this model hasn’t had a fire hazard recall, like the last one!

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