Posting From an iPad

Last week I bought an iPad 2 and have been busy experimenting with it. There are plenty of games, and social apps, which are very entertaining. Now I am trying to find some practical uses for the iPad, so it’s not just a toy.

Today I found a WordPress app that lets me write posts for the blog, so this is my test post. It’s hard to type on the on-screen keyboard, so please ignore any typing errors.

I also bought Numbers for iPadicon, and will let you know what I think of it, after using it for a while. It’s very different from Excel, so it will take some time to figure out.

If you have an iPad, and know of any useful apps, please let me know in the comments.


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2 Responses to Posting From an iPad

  1. Is there an Excel equivalent on an Ipad? If so, how does it compare.

  2. Anurag says:

    Never buy an iPad with even a remotest chance to use it for any type of work that you would relate to Microsoft EXCEL iPad is a great product with a really intuitive touch interface. But when it comes to software’s like Excel and Word, its not the APP limitation, but just the way iPad is designed and operated, its not meant for it. As the author mentioned above, even doing a WordPress post isn’t easy on the touch type interface.

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