Like Google Reader’s Track Changes? Too Bad!

In January, Google proudly announced a new feature in Google Reader — Track Changes. You could quickly set up an RSS feed for any page that didn’t have one, and be alerted when that page was changed.

I liked the feature, and set up feeds for several pages. It’s great for individual pages on a website, when you’re not interested in every update to the site.

Unfortunately, Google is killing the track changes feature at the end of this month. There’s no mention of the reason it’s disappearing, and my fist shaking doesn’t seem to have any impact on their decision.

The Google Reader Blog did provide a link to a similar service, Page2RSS, so I’ll switch to that. Now I have to find those special feeds, in my long list of feeds. But I’m not bitter about this! 😉

And remember, export your RSS feed list occasionally, so you have a backup.


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