Interactive Video Experiment

Last month, I asked which type of online learning you preferred. As expected, the majority selected written instructions, but the second highest vote was for interactive learning.

I’m still not sure exactly what types of interactive learning people are using. This weekend I experimented with Camtasia Studio, testing its hotspots feature. Users can click on the video, in a specific location, and you can take them to a different spot in the video.

On the Contextures Blog today, I posted a short article on Removing Duplicates in Excel 2007, with a short video.

My goal was to publish an interactive version of the tutorial, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. I need to refine the jumping around process, and probably the audio should be deleted from that section.

Anyway, if you have a strong stomach or good sense of humour, here’s my first attempt at video with interaction. Skip to the 1:40 mark to see the interactive section.

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4 Responses to Interactive Video Experiment

  1. Bob Ryan says:

    Debra – I looked at the video but it appears it’s only 1:30 long. Your blog entry said to look at the 1:40 mark. Am I missing something? Also, FYI, took me awhile to identify the link for the video.

  2. Bob Ryan says:

    Thanks for the education… interesting. A couple of things I noticed. In the Camtasia Studio example, we can either click the arrow, or the hotspot. I had a similar experience in using SnagIt’s hotspots, which I didn’t care for.
    Also, I was not able to see the “Remove Duplicates” icon.

  3. Debra Dalgleish says:

    Thanks Bob, I made a smaller version of the video, so you might be able to see the full width now. In the interactive section, there’s a large hotspot, to capture any incorrect clicks. The small hotspot is over the Ribbon tab, OK button, etc., to capture the correct clicks.
    Not an easy technique to master!

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