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Thank you for visiting I'm the owner of the Contextures Excel website, and this is my personal website and blog.

Here is a list of my websites and blogs, where you can find Excel tips and tutorials, and other information:

Contextures Website

Popular collection of Excel tips and tutorials. Sample files for download, Excel add-ins, book lists, and much more. Click here to visit Contextures Website

Contextures Blog

Excel tutorials and office productivity tips. Find shortcuts, free utilities, hidden features, and other useful ideas. Click here to visit Contextures Blog

Debra D's Blog

See what happens behind the scenes at an Excel consulting company, and Excel web site. Click here to visit Debra D's Blog

Pivot Tables Blog

Pivot table videos, tutorials and tips. Get sample macros and download free workbooks. Click here to visit Excel Pivot Tables Blog

Excel Theatre Blog

The fun side of Excel. Excel Twitter posts are here, along with a few games, puzzles and Excel video tutorials. Click here to visit Excel Theatre Blog

Spreadsheet Day Blog

Where every day is Spreadsheet Day. Highlighting unusual and interesting uses for spreadsheets. Click here to visit Spreadsheet Day Blog

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